Oculus Rift İstanbul’da!

Oculus Rift İstanbul'da!

Oyunder, VRT topluluğu ile düzenlediği bu yedinci /G etkinliğinde sizleri Oculus Rift’in Kıdemli Mühendisi Volga Aksoy yanında Hologram Studios’tan Deniz Opal ile buluşturuyor. Sanal gerçeklik teknolojisinin geleceğinin tartışılacağı ve pek çok cihaz ve demoyu deneme fırsatı elde edeceğiniz etkinliğimize katılım ücretsizdir.

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Oculus Rift İstanbul'da!
Oculus Rift İstanbul’da!

A Date with Oculus Rift – Workshop & Demo
When: Wednesday 26th August @ 19:00
Where: Bahcesehir University – Galata Campus – BUG Lab

The Virtual Reality Turkey Community is excited to welcome Oculus Rift’s Senior Engineer Volga Aksoy who is flying down from Silicon Valley to join us on Wednesday August the 26th. Join us to hear all the latest news around the Oculus Rift and what we are expecting to see in 2016.

We are also very excited to welcome Deniz Opal from Hologram Studios who will be discussing what it means to develop for this new consumer platform. What are the known and unknown challenges, what are the technical barriers and potential market opportunities?

We will also have an open floor of Virtual Reality experiences from various companies and organisations for attendees to experience.

19:00 – 20:00 – Open Virtual Reality Demos
20:00 – “Approaching ‘Day 1’ for Virtual Reality” – Volga Aksoy – Oculus
20:40 – “A VR Mind Map” – Deniz Opal – Hologram Studios
21:15 – 22:30 – Open Virtual Reality Demos

This event is open to the public and is free of charge. If you are a developer, student or just interested in VR you are welcome!

We are working in Partnership with Virtual Umbrella in the UK with their ‘VR in a Bar II’ event that will be taking place at the same time in London.

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