Could Turkey found billion dolar worth game companies ?

In these days, it is a significant question and the answer may be yes because Turkey already has such companies. Foreign game companies’ interest on Turkish game companies continues even though firms don’t reach a profitable revenue while they are reaching a high rate registered user. In last two years Turkish companies’ sales took place in news channels such as Reuters and Business Insider.

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What kind of problems do we have in producing?

Youth Turkish generation is intelligent and creative. Especially they are talented at converting their knowledge and art to different formats and redefining it. But it is undeniable that market and living conditions are not in sufficient level in existing education system. In fact, it is a significant issue that number of the teaching stuff is not satisfactory. From new teams and entrepreneurs’ point of view who have just entered the sector, there is a big difference between beginning to game producing and discover game sector. I often come across with the question among investors and entrepreneurs whether the evaluations about companies are factual or not. Especially on these days Turkish Game Companies ascending performance is very valuable. Game companies, which makes daily revenues of 850k or a million usd, evaluation and calculations would be made by experts of this field. Especially venture fund and investors should be more focused to sector in order to add more value. For example, in my opinion coloration between Istanbul Chamber of Commerce’s Start-up program BTM and Oyunder association is a significant move for adding value to the sector. In near future we will share more information about this area with public. We will tell about the impacts of industry’s human resources and improvement of producing and marketing capacity on sector to the authorities of the public institutions as well as to the capital owners and companies who want to receive information on this issue.

How is the latest situation in Domestic market and foreign market in the sector?

There are many perspectives in this point. The situation in terms of companies from abroad and trying to do business in Turkey, status of the companies that produces games in Turkey for the mass market of overseas players and companies that produce games for purely domestic markets are completely different from each other in terms of team qualifications as well as status.

The most important thing that can be said in the first place is the fact that the second of these three groups is the most advantageous and promising group at the moment. This group can be strengthened by the success of economic policies canalized in the right direction, which can be achieved in the future and it can remove the company from the markets as well, if not managed well, they all need a sensitive approach.

In terms of the domestic market, it is possible to talk about a conjuncture in which problems generally grow. It is very easy for the developments we are facing these days, especially in terms of working conditions, to make the well-educated sector employees to work in other countries. Frankly a lot of them even preferred this road because digital entertainment, especially the area of (game) industry may be the fastest and easiest business model source to move intercontinentally. Telling that it’s almost as fast as a professional soccer will not be an exaggerated situation.

What does Oyunder do?

Oyunder is materialising a lot of information sharing, training and meetings that can create awareness, especially in terms of the development of human resources. Oyunder is trying to be a stepping stone between experts and inexperinced, to share the knowledge and experience of doyens and accomplishments with young entrepreneurs and developers.

The Dynamic Game Industry Events Series will continue tomorrow with a 3-day panel and seminar chain in the Game Fair titled GameX. Since 2012, over 150 events and activities have been organized and will continue to be organized. All NGO’s will continue to support the subject of this work.

What does Gram Games’ $ 250 million sale to Zynga mean for us?

A lot of things. For example, the possible level of success of a team from Turkey. Or how a well-managed team and company can attract people from other countries, not just from this country, to work in these lands. Dominating and targeting foreign markets can tell you how long you can carry a company in terms of value. In fact, Mehmet (Ecevit) is a perfect example of this. I think it was a precedent for establishing a committed team and showing how it can grow its business and relationships by keeping it together. In this regard, we have companies other than Gram Games that can be sampled. It must be everyone’s duty to continue to study the conditions to increase the number of these companies. On Saturday, September 8th, Mehmet Ecevit from Gram Games talked about these topics. At the Tuyap Exhibition Center, we discussed these topics with him on the occasion of Dynamic Game Industry events to be executed by Oyunder from GameX International Game Industry Show between 6-9 September. You can watch this conversation soon from Oyunder’s youtube channel.

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